02 About us


What is Old Mosaic

Oldmosaic is a Company specializes in the design and mounting of mosaic creations and their integration in structures and architectural and internal design projects. The company has extensive experience in managing large mosaic projects, including implementation, management and supervision. The company specializes mainly in the art of authentic old and rich mosaic for vast uses in modern life, in current designs and original creations upgrading any space into a spectacular and prestigious appearance. The company creates mosaic works only from natural stones, and that is its uniqueness. The natural stones withstand internal and external erosion and conserve the structure for generations. The tiny size of the stones and the rare colors create a spectacular mosaic in high resolution leaving a signature of beauty and depth in the eye of the beholder.

The company provides the following services

  • Design and creation of mosaic works by special order.
  • Performance of copied mosaic works from various historical periods or famous and valued works of art.
  • Original mosaic works designed by architects and interior designers commissioned by the client.
  • Repair, completion and finalizing – restoration of mosaic conserving the original sparkle and color.
  • Providing natural and rare mosaic stones from a huge unique reservoir in over 40 colors.
  • Selling mosaic art works from the gallery: vases, tables, frames, pictures etc.

Company management

The company is directed by Mr. Hatem Hazan, Founder and General Manager an engineering practical engineer with experience of over 20 years in construction. In the past years he has focused on the art of mosaic, including management and supervision of various projects of design, mounting, installation and conservation of mosaic work in Israel and abroad. Mr. Hazan heads a team of artists and original creators specializing in a unique technique conserving the art of old mosaic in the Roman and Byzantine styles.


  • Private homes – kitchens, bathrooms, halls and entrances.
  • Floor carpets and coating.
  • Religious emblems – Jewish, Christian, Moslem and Druze symbols.
  • Public institutions.
  • Decoration – ornamental strips, frames for pictures and mirrors.
  • Special pictures – maps, portraits, figures, daring pictures, geometrical forms, flowers, animals, fruit, views.
  • Copied works – famous historical works.
  • Artifacts – vases, tables, chess tables, furniture, wooden walls, bowls, plates, clocks, signs.
  • Mosaic stones and accompanying equipment – stones, frames, glue, tools.

Advantages of the company

  • Rich selection of mosaic works.
  • Innovative integration of mosaics in architecture and internal design, specializing in construction.
  • High quality sealing, pasting and finishing.
  • One entity throughout the project.
  • Strict precision and time tables.

Among our clients

Architects, interior designers, artists, shops and ceramic centers, public institutions, religious entities, companies, entrepreneurs and private clients.

Jobs performed by the company

Mosaic works of our company decorate local and international projects, including public, religious and private buildings – where mosaic is integrated in the structure itself (such as paving, coating) or in items of ornament and furniture.